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DISCLAIMER: This micro-game is a tribute,  containing no official Dungeons & Dragons rules, and exists for three reasons:

  1.  As an experiment in form factor, fitting a playable fantasy RPG into a business card layout,
  2. As a fan-made homage to The World's Oldest, Most Famous and Most Successful Role-Playing Game, currently a property of Wizards of the Coast, a subsidiary of Hasbro, and
  3. As free files which you can print at home, or upload to a business card printer, to hand to friends, leave in libraries, or simply enjoy carrying around in your wallet.

If you enjoy this layout, which was based on another free fan-made image we discovered on the web, please consider donating to the Ettin Games Association. Any funds received will improve the features of our low-cost conventions, where people gather to play official titles like the real Dungeons & Dragons, the ancestor of all tabletop role-playing games. You should probably go and buy some D&D products if you haven't already, it will look better for us in court.

These rules are actually based on John Harper's Lasers & Feelings (One Seven Design), which uses a roll under/roll over number to represent characters on a sort of sliding scale, a mechanic from Trollbabe. The image which inspired us was this one, which came out of this discussion, and we just wanted to play with the idea without carrying our expensive books around.

Please don't sue us, Wizards, we love you.

Three double-sided pdfs are included: Tiny rules, Advanced Tiny rules, and a random quest generation table to inspire adventures for your characters.

CategoryPhysical game
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AuthorEttin Games Association
GenreRole Playing


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tD&D Business Card.pdf 27 kB
AtD&D Business Card.pdf 28 kB
4d6 Quests Business Card.pdf 21 kB

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